A Rare Political Post

Some years ago, I became an independent when I became disenchanted with the political process. I realized that neither party is committed to governing. No, they are actually committed to perpetuating the political industry (a beast somewhat like the entertainment industry). In the following clip, the Daily Show court jesters do some pointing out of hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle. As usual, this is simultaneously entertaining and sickening. The second half of the "bit" however is an analogy between the political industry and professional wrestling that is so spot-on, I just had to share it with my two or three regular readers.

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Never fear. I'll return to entertaining content tomorrow. :)


Karen said...

Great post! and I'm sure you have a few more than three readers out here =)
Entertaining, but to the point as well (and yes, a little sickening too.)
Thanks Anne.

Nathan said...

Nobody goes to Anne's blog anymore; it's always too crowded.

Anne C. said...

:P Nathan

Unknown said...

Love love love this post.....