Too Right

Funny quote from a co-worker of mine:

[after a joke from me about the rest of my officemates leaving "early" at 5 and being "slackers."]

"Everyone looks like a slacker relative to you."


I think that just shows how much better adjusted my coworkers are. (Another way spouses are useful: keeping things in perspective.)

With any luck, after the two deadlines I have in the coming week are past, I'll be able to play slacker myself and use some of the comp time I'm stocking away.


Stacey said...

awesome! hopefully we can use some of your comp time having a little fun ;0

Unknown said...

Thinking of you. I remember John working all the time before he met his current spouse. It takes a mighty magnet to draw workaholics back from their passion.

Anne C. said...

Yes, Stacey, I'm sure we can. ;)

Hugs to you, Mum! I miss you!