I've been blessed with a windfall of gifted cookbooks lately. Above (being investigated by Martin) are Comfort Classics : 150 Favorite Home-Style Dishes by Weight Watchers and The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook: 101 Asian Recipes Simple Enough for Tonight's Dinner by Jaden Hair, given to me by the Hot Chick with a fabulous bod and her Smart and thoughtful hubby. I can't wait to try some of the recipes within. They all look healthy and tasty and really, who could ask for more?
Well, there IS more! Michelle randomly ;) sent me another cookbook, Rose's Heavenly Cakes by Rose Levy Beranbaum. I don't bake a lot of cakes, except when prompted by nostagia (sorry, the only post on that I could find did not have a good photo of a poppy seed cake), a special occasion, a dinner party, or a fabulous photo, which this book has in spades. Now, keep in mind, one of my most spectacular food related failures was cake related, but that's never stopped me from trying something new. And I can't wait to try one of these.

Except that I do have to wait.
For the last month or so, I've been forging on steadily towards two deadlines that occur in the next two weeks. For the last fortnight or so, I've been doing quite a bit of overtime. Enough that Janiece took pity on me and froze some homemade meals for me to eat for dinner when I'm working late. Thank you, my dear. They are providing me with a smile and sustenance in the evening hours before I dive back into the work.

Why do I work so late or so hard? Because I like for my projects to succeed and for my work product to be something I'm proud of. I also often do projects that are stretches for me professionally. This doubles my interest in doing well (I'm not really into excuses) and increases the steepness of the learning curve. Luckily, I love a challenge and have a knack for learning quickly. My job keeps me on my toes, and with any luck, there'll be a brief lull in the work load in the next month or so during which I can take some time to get back to some of the chores (and delights) that are being pushed into the corners right now.


In other news, my friend Shawn, of whom I spoke in my last post, is doing fine. He and his family are experiencing what it's like to be bathed in the light that humanity can bring to dark situations. His primary emotions are Profound Gratitude and Humility and if you'd like to see his own words, you can read it on his blog (this post is a particularly interesting way to describe his last month or so).


Random Michelle K said...

Hope the cake book works out well!

As I said, I don't really like cake, and I've never really enjoyed making cake, so it was a waste of shelf space for me.


SteamyKitchen said...

oh i hope you enjoy the book! Martin seems to like it ;-)

Anne C. said...

Thanks for visiting, Jaden! I have already marked the recipes I want to try. I've been frequenting the pho shops in the neighborhood lately and am hooked on boba for dessert. It never occurred to me to make it myself. I already plan to have more spring roll materials on hand, as they are SO easy to make. Watch out local Asian food market! :D

And Michelle? I'm sure the cake book will be much appreciated by my friends, family, and co-workers. ;)