Leek and Rice Fritatta

Wednesday night, when we had a snowstorm that forced me home, I took the opportunity to make a frittata that would provide me with yummy breakfast for a week. Here's how I got to the delicious results:

When I put together a mise en place photo, I found this delightful view almost by accident. Ingredients collected: thinly sliced leeks, minced mushrooms (white and cremini), garlic, 3 cheeses (Parmesan, Swiss, and mozzarella) cooked rice, eggs, olive oil.

First, I softened the leeks and mushroom in the garlic and olive oil. (Some sauteing, but mostly with a lid on to steam.)

Then, I added the cooked Basmati rice and sesame seeds.

When these were warmed through, I added the eggs beaten with shredded mozzarella and Swiss. This, I thoroughly mixed together with the vegetables, and then put on the lid to set.

It cooked for 10 minutes, after which I took off the lid and sprinkled on a last measure of Parmesan and put the pan under the broiler for a lovely bubbly and brown top.


WendyB_09 said...

YUM! That looks good.

nedness: how you know you're Homer Simpson's neighbor...

Mummy Grabill said...

Yes - I second that ... YUM! And . . . YUM again!

belsum said...


Unknown said...

double yummers