This I Believe 2010: Conclusion

After I wrote my thoughts on where I am belief-wise at the beginning of the year, I continued to cogitate about it. I came up with the following surprising conclusion:

My 2009 left me feeling a little lost and... well, kind of empty. My recent insight? Empty is where things begin.

And that? Is curiously comforting.


Anonymous said...

Anne, that *is* curiously comforting! Add I feel the echoes of that sentiment in my own heart, both in beliefs and in hope. Luckily, 2010 seems to be slowly filling my cup. :)

Mummy Grabill said...

I spent too much time on Facebook apparently as my first thought when reading this post was ... 'Like'. :-)

Janiece said...

Fill an empty cup, you bet. Here's to a FULL 2010!

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know you and I feel pretty uncomfortable sticking my neck out there and sharing my personal faith system with anyone. I believe in God. My God. Not the bearded white guy scaring people into good behavior. Not the God that forces people to be unhappy in some way, but the God who I assumed everyone had as a constant companion in their life too.

You could point at the things that have happened to me, such as being kidnapped, struck by a car as a pedestrian, shot at, etc as proof positive there is no God. Or perhaps that he wasn't worthy of the position since he clearly had no such love for me.

When these things happened, I told myself the same thing I always tell myself. That he had a good reason for it, and that good reason will reveal itself in time.

I've been correct almost every time. Thanks to God denying me a horse for 6 years, I got the most perfect animal in the world as my friend, and I appreciate her because I know what its like to go without.

I could give dozens of other examples, but she's my favorite.

Anne C. said...

Thank you, uninvoked. Welcome.

I don't feel uncomfortable sticking my neck out there because I don't worry about someone disagreeing with me. Lots of people do, I'm sure. In many faiths, just expressing the doubt of a rationale for everything is a reason to fear for one's soul. Faced with that threat, how can I feel a tremor at a simple human reaction? ;)

I am so glad that God has shown you reasons for why things are as they are. In the past, I have sometimes had a similar belief, but in a particular area, I have been coming up with reasons (excuses?) for God/The Universe for... eep... 20 years now. There is no sign that I will ever have a rationale. It just is as it is. There may even be a reason for me not having a reason. Wheels within wheels.

Congratulations on the horse. In today's day and age, with the cost and challenge of having such an animal, it really is a miracle when one can do so. If there is a God, horses are one of the most compelling arguments that He exists. :)

Thank you again for visiting and give your friend a good currying for me. :)