I can't even claim my recent blogging silence has been due to being busy or "away from keyboard."

I've had a few little post items (that you'll see in the next few days), but I've been feeling pretty escapist lately. I spent a day off work (don't remember if it was a weekday or a weekend) last week simply reading a book. I recently (in the last couple months) picked up the third book in Lynn Flwelling's Tamir Trilogy and reread the first two, which I don't usually do. She's a great writer. The subject matter is a little dark, full of vengeful ghosts and blood magic, but the characterization is done very well. It's a coming of age story, but doesn't feel teeny-boppery in the slightest.
I've finally finished watching all the Get Smart episodes (will return to Stacey next time I see her!) and caught up on the TiVo.
I've been getting SOME stuff done:
- Demo in basement (found a 35 year old porn magazine - BONUS!) for the BITB project.
- Buying up a storm for the BITB project (my savings account will take a nose dive after my next credit card payment)
- Making donations of crap from the garage and basement to clear up space for the BITB
- Making up a cool acronym for the "Bathroom In The Basement" Project

- Making Homemade Oreos a la Michelle

- Making Sugar Cookies for a fairy-tale themed Baby Shower (last weekend)

- Making cards with the cool book Janiece got me
- Sending out a package or two
- Making catfood to stock up for my trip over Thanksgiving
- Editing my new writing project, Midnight City and thinking through the next steps.

Work has been a bit lightweight, though my next project is this:

OK, yes, it sounds like I have been busy, but I have had time to blog and I haven't. :/


Anonymous said...

With everything you have accomplished recently, I think you totally deserve to spend a day reading a book and to NOT feel guilty about this here little blog! I've pretty much decided that I'm never going to apologize for being away from my blog... I'll write when I have something to say and if I need to be in my head for a while, I will! It's been a tremendous relief to look at posting as a bonus and not a requirement.

ps -- I wonder if you can hock that porn mag for some money? Or, like antiques, does it have to be older than 35?

pss -- I'm so excited for your BITB project! I know you've been eagerly awaiting this improvement for a while now... and I can't wait to see what materials you've picked out for the job! PLEASE tell me you're taking "before," "during," and "after" pictures!

ppss -- LOVING Midnight City!

Random Michelle K said...

I love those sugar cookies.

I long ago gave up doing more than slathering frosting on sugar cookies--my hand eye coordination SUCKS.

But, I like frosting better than icing, so that's not so bad.

Anne C. said...

Thanks for the reminder, onewandering. I had been thinking of doing progress photos, but had somehow missed, in my mind, the need for "before" photos.
The demo's already done, so I'll have to see if I have the untouched before photos in my archive of before photos I took when I bought the house. However, demo is not much (just opening up the space) so I'll call it a good starting point.

belsum said...

I had Veteran's Day off yesterday for the first time in my working life and I spent the entire day reading a book. Started it in the morning, finished it in the evening. Best. Day. Ever!

Unknown said...

Drop the guilt over reading a book all day. Good books as worth a day's read, and the guilt is a waste of energy.
Love the Fairy-tale theme cookies. Beautiful colors and design.