Lovely Dream

I had an awesome dream over vacation:

I was in a house that was my house (not my current house, but some sort of townhouse) and it was full of people. There was a party going on -- a surprise party for me -- and all my friends were there, laughing and having a great time. It was so lively, it felt like a restaurant (though there was one quiet little secret room for writing). The food and the service was great, and when I finally had a spare moment to go to the bar myself, the bartender complimented me on what fun and cool friends I have.

The truth is, my life IS full of fun and cool friends and family.

Thanks for sharing my life with me.


Karen said...

Sounds like a very cool dream. Hope I was somewhere in that crowd ... I think you're one of the coolest women I know! I'm glad to be part of your family.

Anne C. said...

Awww... Thanks, Karen! I'm sure you were in the crowd (it seemed like EVERYONE was).