And So It Begins

I'm going to cheat and post some previously written posts to start off my latest writing exercise in sympathy with the NaNoWriMo marathoners. It will hopefully continue long after NaNo is done.

Here's the plan:
- Post the episodes of Midnight City (a semi-gothic noir mystery) that were written significantly before today.
- Start writing new episodes on a MWF schedule.
- On the new episodes, give readers a chance to influence the storyline. I haven't decided if it'll be in major or minor ways, so I'll probably play around with both.
- Comments and suggestions are (for the present) appreciated. ;)

You can find Midnight City here.

(And sorry for the late posting, I was most of the day at a lovely baby shower held in honor of a good friend of mine. The rest of my day was spent tidying the house and doing chores. One of the reasons I'm not doing the full NaNoWriMo -- I'm not willing to let the house slide into disarray for a whole month. Just not in the mood for it...)

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