Cheap Comfort

I got some plumbing fixtures in the mail and the box was a great size for cats, so I put it under the bench by the front door (where I've noticed the boys sitting lately) and layered the bottom with an old towel. Sure enough, it was an instant hit.

I think the new location is preferred, since it's near a heat register. I know I keep the house temp low (I have to wear a fleece and/or hat a majority of the time) and this is how the cats compensate.
Sitting on me:

Sitting on each other:

Or sitting on the stove (the pilot light makes the metal warm):

They are soooooo cute.


belsum said...

Good kitties.

WendyB_09 said...

I've heard of the three dog night, now I see we have a two kitty night as well.

Unknown said...

What about that poncho I gave you?
Fleece is good, but wearing a hat tells me that you keep the temp a tad too low.
Kitties seem to think so too.

Anne C. said...

Because it's the style that is open in the front, it doesn't stay on very well during activities. As I move around, the weight of the poncho pulls from the back. Plus, because it has to be overlapped in the front to close the gap, there is less coverage/warmth in the front.

I mostly use it as an extra blanket.

Unknown said...

Hah! I thought so. Next time I am in Denver I am sewing that sucker up at the front, even if you try to beat me off of doing it. Knew it all along. Sheesh! Should have just sewn it up before giving it to you.
Love you, dear one.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, now I want to be a cat and sleep on a pilot-light warmed wood stove too!