Long Week

It's been a long week -- or rather, the week has been the same length, but the days have been long. I've got my mum all to myself starting this evening, so I've had to bow out of the weekend push on this project. Oh, well. Next time, I'm sure.
Can you tell I'm all broken up about it? I hide it well. ;)

I'm looking forward to next week, when this project goes into a lull and the other project finishes up. I should have a series of short days (or some days off entirely).

Hope everything's been going well for you all!


Janiece said...

I find I'm slightly envious of your Incomparable Mom™.

Let us know when you come up for air!

Anne C. said...

Incomparable Mum (TM), to be precise.

I like it. :D

Maybe during my short week we can get together for lunch or dinner or something!