Linden Procreation

During one of the meetings here at the office, I saw out the window a twirling leaf fall to the ground. It reminded me of the helicopter maple seeds, but I knew the tree outside is an American Linden. (It's actually one of the biggest/oldest Lindens in the state and the design of the new building is a response to the desire to keep it.) My curiosity aroused, I looked at the falling leaves when I left the meeting and here's what I found:
The leaf itself is wonderfully developed into a natural helicopter shape, with the seed, as ballast, growing down from the middle.

The whole tree (note that it is still green - it seems just a few leaf/seeds are falling right now).
The curb collects the pale golden curls.

Very cool, isn't it?


Tom said...

That first picture of the 3 leaves on the white background has a distinct modern art feel about it. Quite beautiful.

MWT said...

Neato. :)

And it's always cool to see someone else who stops and notices the little things from nature that most people would just pass by.

Stacey said...

Those are so neat! When I saw the first pic, I thought it was a watercolor.

Mummy Grabill said...

How lovely! I love the little tour of nature that you just gifted to us! :-)