New FB Game

I'm playing an interesting Facebook game called "Country Story." It's a bit more simplistic than Farmtown, but because of this, it's not as time consuming. (Plus, there are very cute animals to take care of.)
One funny thing is that you can pay game coins to buy backdrop scenes for your farm. They show you a small portion to whet your appetite for them. I was charmed by a seaside scene with a funny little sea monster. When I had a surplus of money, I went ahead and bought it. Turns out they went a little overboard and put in a bunch of sea monsters in a row, which appear out of the sea, one after the other. It is cute, but SO silly, because now it looks like I have a sea monster cabaret behind my farm!
I tried to capture it for you, but it was tricky.

(The monsters that appear to be missing eyes are actually blinking.)

Really, it's cute when there's just one. Four is a bit much.


MWT said...

I tried it out but it lagged really bad on my computer. It is cute, though. ;)

Eric said...

On an unrelated note, I heard Sea Monster Cabaret has officially joined the roster for Rockstock '09! W00T!

Nathan said...

I'm not playing it until they figure out a way to give me a wooden mallet. Who else is up for a game of Sea Monster Whack-a-Mole?

Unknown said...

Actually, Nathan, there IS a wooden mallet (or mattock) that you hack your plantings lots with. You lose stamina fast when you do it, too.
But somehow I don't think they (the "great They") would let a cute little girl in a pink (or blue or yellow or black) dress whack at those sea monsters.
Bad for the image, don't cha know?