Toot toot!

I have gotten to the heights of 38,419 words, which is where I'm supposed to be if my words/day average is to get me in to the finish line on time.
Who rocks? Me! That's right!
Well, MWT rocks too, for patiently listening to me cogitate through my plot issues (turned out it was a character issue, actually, but it got fixed).
And Jen rocks, for sending me a cake pop that I ate halfway through the day as a reward for meeting my minimum words requirement so early in the day. It was DELICIOUS! I now see why you are so popular amongst the younger set. ;) And you are absolutely correct. Yellow always lifts my spirits.
And Jeri rocks for passing the 50K mark already.
And Stacey rocks for sending me good writing vibes from the tundra of Chicago.
And Janiece rocks for making raspberry jam and for, well, being Janiece.
Actually, that's the reason that you rock too! Yeah, you! Thank you for thinking of me and wishing me well. (If you're my enemy and secretly wishing me ill, well, nyah nyah nyah, I'm doing great!)

Oh yeah, and I'm not hating the story, which... is nice, to say the least.

I still have to keep working, but it seems to be going pretty smoothly at the moment. Keep your good writing vibes coming, and thanks, to all y'all (yes, part of the story is set in Tennessee).


Jeri said...

Yay, Anne! You are making excellent progress, right on track, and it's great that you're liking your story.

Mine is probably going to have a brutal encounter with a chainsaw come editing time - I'm guessing about 60% of it will drastically alter or disappear.

Tania said...

Hurrah huzzah!! Go you!!

mattw said...

Congrats on hitting the 38k mark. We're all entering into that home stretch now.

Jeri, I think I am in somewhat of the same boat. Big changes come editing time.

kimby said...

Way to go Anne! You can do it...and don't keep thinking about the editing...that is a whole different month!

vince said...

Good for you!