Productivity is Good

I have to be really productive this weekend, because in three weeks, my aunt and uncle are visiting Denver. They will see my house and my life in Denver for the first time and I want to make a good impression.
Trouble is, the house needs to be cleaned and I have at least three projects I wanted to get done before they came. (It used to be a lot more!) I have a lot to do and I have two weekends in which to do it. Next weekend I'll be out of town, so it's this weekend and the one right before they come. In the evenings I'm too pooped, though I'll probably be able to do some cleaning.
So, what did I do today? I worked on cleaning the windows (almost finished, but ran out of Windex), did laundry and dishes, waterproofed the deck (one of the projects), and am working on finances and A.R.E. paperwork. Tomorrow I plan to grocery shop so I can finish cleaning the windows, more laundry, work on stripping window trim - and if I'm lucky painting trim (project 2) - and repainting the basement. The following weeks and weekend can be for cleaning.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were very productive. What's project #3?

Anne C. said...

Project #3 is window coverings. I'm really tired of the "temporary" paper Home Depot ones I've been using for the past 3 years. I actually spent most of Sunday morning comparison shopping for curtains. I know which hardware (rods and whatnot) that I'm getting, but I need to buy curtains for the main room. I'm narrowing it down, but I need to take a paint sample with me next time, as I forgot to yesterday. (If you're interested in coming with me next time, just let me know!)

As for a progress report on the remainder of the weekend: I did manage to go grocery shopping and buy window cleaner, but did not actually finish cleaning windows. I did spend the afternoon stripping paint from the exterior trim (still not done). I did not get the paperwork done that I wanted to, but I did update my finances.

So many things to get done... so little time!

Anonymous said...

still sounds like your were productive. like we say when we play golf - still forward of the tee box! Did you give up on making the curtains yourself? Of course I'd love to go with you. Always fun to help spend someone else's money :)

Anne C. said...

I didn't give up on making curtains, but I found that I wanted to layer curtains. Or curtains with some other sort of window covering, like shades.

After *much* thought, I think I actually had a brilliant idea (no, really!). I'm going to test it in the spare bedroom, see if I like the result, and decide from there. I'll bore you with the details this weekend. :)