Accomplishing Much

This weekend, my lovely brother and sister and brother-in-law came over to help me finish project 2, painting the exterior window trim. It looks great, takes years off the age of the house. Like Botox! Then, my wonderful friends, JR and Stacey, came over to feed us dinner. The best thing is that two out of the three projects are done. The third, window coverings, is well begun. I decided upon cellular shades and ordered them from Home Depot. It cost more than I had hoped, but I didn't splurge on much, just cordless shades in the bedroom (where the cats would be tempted to play with cords) and "blockout" shades in the bedroom (where I might want to sleep during the day, when I'm sick or whatever). I don't know if they'll arrive in time though. I spent too long trying to decide what I wanted.

In addition, I went out for Halloween with some friends. It was a lot of fun. Ego boosting, for sure. I went as Miss America and was recognised everywhere I went. It's nice to be a celebrity.

This morning I goofed off for the first time in a while, then worked on my "apprenticeship" paperwork, which I have to do before being allowed to take the Architectural Registration Exams [yip-ee]. I feel pretty prepared for my performance review tomorrow.

And lastly:
I have discovered, to my disgust, that the copy of The Count of Monte Christo is *abridged*. [shudder] I shall have to see about replacing it with a more legit copy.


Anonymous said...

Abridged - Sacriledge! I hoep you burn it! It was so much fun to see you guys on Friday and it was our pleasure to bring food; a small pittance I might add for the company of Miss America for even a portion of the evening!

Anne C. said...

I decided to look up "abridged" in Wikipedia and found it to be sadly lacking in good explainations for why someone would abridge a book. Basically, they said that in the case of both fiction and non-fiction, it's done to make it more easily digestable. The book I have may have been targeted for a younger audience. I think I have seen abridgement more often associated with books that have been translated from their original language. I think this happens because "readability" (how quickly a plot moves, how much digression is acceptables, etc.) varies by culture. So some bigwig at the publishing house decides that English-speaking audiences would rather read a "zippier" book and et voilĂ ! you have an abridged version.

belsum said...

I demand Miss America pictures!

Anne C. said...

Sorry, there is no photographic documentation of the fabulous Miss America. Well, except for the photo that the bar owner took (the paparazzi!). I don't know how to get a copy of that one.
I'll describe it for you:
Imagine, if you will, a tall brunette in a wine colored sheath-style maid-of-honor dress, hair done up in a french twist. On her head is a sparkling rhinestone tiara, which matches her rhinestone earrings and necklace. She wears long red gloves and a wide white sash declaring her to be none other than "Miss America".
I tried to punch up the makeup a bit too, but didn't want to get too Tammy Fay. In the long run, it ended up as an evening look didn't look too bad at all.
The only things I had to buy were the tiara and the gloves.

By the way, I love your Kaylee costume. You are really photogenic.

belsum said...

Aw thanks, very kind of you to say.