I've been hurt playing soccer before. I hurt my hand a couple (?) years ago when a ball hit my thumb and hurt the ligaments there. I also had a nerve pinch in my back that was exacerbated by playing soccer. Thankfully, my masseuse Aunt Ruth helped me with that one.
Now, I've hurt my knee. I stopped suddenly when running forward and my knee bent wrongly to the side (it felt like backward when it happened, but the ref said it was to the outside). The worst part was that I had to stop playing. My team was short on substitutes and I had to sit on the sidelines! :(
I iced it during the remaining game time and a friend helped me off the field and to the car. Many friends gave me much needed advice. I'm not practiced on this kind of injury at all. I am doing the RICE mnemonic (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) and my friend Paden (thank you, Paden!) did Reiki energy work on it yesterday. I am doing much better today than I was yesterday. I can put weight on it, when I couldn't yesterday. I am a little worried because I can't bend it as far as I should be able to.
I am going to the doctor this afternoon and will report on what he says.

A special thank you goes to my sister, Aileen, who came over and made a couple dishes for me that should last throughout the week. I strained my knee too much on Sunday night when I was going up and down stairs to do about four loads of laundry. The pain I felt that night convinced me that standing around cooking would not be a good idea. Aileen answered my call for help, angel that she is. She made beef curry (English version) and "Sonoma Chicken Salad", which has chicken, grapes, pecans, and a dressing made of mayo, poppy seeds, honey and cider vinegar. I had it today for lunch on a bed of greens and it was yummy! The curry, which I had with basmati rice and mango chutney was delicious too. Thank you, Aileen!

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