Knee Update

My doc is pleased with my progress towards healing. He said that I was doing better than he expected, as he had thought the tear was worse than it turned out to be. I was surprised, since he hadn't let on at all during the previous visit. It's good to have a doc who doesn't weigh you down with negativity. He also was pleased that I had gone to an acupuncturist, which was another positive point in his favor.
He said that if I proceed sensibly with my recovery, there should be no increased chance of injury once I return to my usual activity.
So, I'm doing well!

I also did a tai chi set for the first time since my injury tonight. I took it easy and was careful with my weight shifts. All in all, there was no pain, but my knee got achey by the end. It feels to me that tai chi is a good way to continue to improve the strength and flexibility of the knee, so I'm going to pick up my usual twice a week schedule, but do it carefully.

(Satisfied, Mum? ;)


Anonymous said...

Very wise (as usual) :-P

Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic said...

Wow -- Tai Chi? I'm very impressed. I've always wanted to learn that. Weird thing, actually, I had a dream I was doing Tai Chi last night and I woke up moving my arms and legs around in what I must've thought was appropriate moves.

Anne C. said...

Hee! :)
Tai Chi is one of those things I always said I wanted to do. Then I had a bad experience with yoga and was moved to actually find a place. I go to the Taoist Tai Chi Society (an international group that I'm sure has a San Francisco branch) and they are such nice people. No, you don't have to be taoist to join.