Being an invalid sucks (plus, you don't count)

... get it? Invalid? [ba da bump]

My knee's getting better. I can put weight on it with no problem. The problem comes when I have to bend it a lot, like to walk up or down stairs. I went to a street fair yesterday and my knee aches today, but that might also be because I am not wanting to take Tylenol constantly.

Well, I couldn't resist going to a jazz concert in the park. I was tempted to go to my team's soccer game afterwards (to watch, NOT play!), but did resist because it was late, I was tired, and my leg hurt.
I am not a good patient.

Also, I now know that I'm a Tylenol addict. This evening, I couldn't find my bottle and felt a little panicy. Thankfully I found it.
At least I'm not popping Vicadin like Dr. House. ;)


Anonymous said...

Never fear, a rescue is here. I am going to mail you some oil w/herbs which you put on every morning (sin falta). It is VERY good.

Anne C. said...

Sounds good. I'm open to anything.

belsum said...

And here I can't even remember to take a single dose of the Aleve I'm supposed to be taking twice a day for my wrist nerve!