Society's Pull

I just wrote this in an email to a friend and thought it was a good general observation:

One interesting thing I've noticed is that I've seen a definite increase in people needing something from me. Tonight I'm helping a tai chi teacher with his class and possibly helping a gal at work with something she volunteered to do for my boss' board of education campaign. Then there's said boss' request for more help, which since I already said I'd help I will do probably this weekend. That, plus - taking care of a friend's cats while she was sick, and another friend who wants to rent my basement but hasn't yet (boyfriend is lobbying hard) - and the general request that people donate to this or that disaster relief... well, I just think it's interesting. Is it always like this and I'm only just established as a dependable member of society or is it a current wave of need?

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Anonymous said...

Current wave of need. No reflection on your dependability, except that people you know are asking you because they trust you. Socially, the requests for relief of organizations are taking a advantage of the wave of "oh, the poor things need help!" to stuff their coffers. Usually, their requests go unnoticed.