Collectively speaking

Today a group of online friends are keeping up a running joke about me (hard to explain the "train" of thought -- bored number-checker to zombie number-checker) on the site we visit. It makes me laugh and feel teary at the same time. As a self-described loner (originally spelled that "loaner" - Freudian slip?), I'm establishing the first really long-term relationships (aside from my dear and loony family) in my life. I've lived in the same city for 6 years now - longest in my adult life. I'm playing a team sport - coed indoor soccer. I've been going to tai chi classes pretty regularly twice a week for 2 1/2 years now - definitely longest I've ever done any exercise regimen. I've been hanging with the same group of friends for over four years. And I own a house and have pets (one does not "own" cats ;).
I don't know what was stopping me from keeping long term relationships before, but I have to admit, it's heartwarming and embarrassing to receive love/friendship in that way. It felt so when my sister arranged a surprise birthday party for me, and I know that's why she doesn't want me to elope if I ever do get married. And maybe I'm settling down enough now that I actually won't. (No promises though, Aileen!)
I made a snarky comment a few posts ago about being a "dependable member of society." I wonder if that's not such a bad thing any more. There are worse things than having people depend on you.

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