Lookin' Good

I have to say, it's pretty damn awesome to feel good about yourself all the time.

I get so many compliments on my looks lately. It's really nice, but it's funny that I most often get the question, "are you dating someone?" No, it's not guys trying to find out if I'm available. It's the assumption that what makes a girl look good is love. In a way they're right, except this isn't the love of a good man, it's love for myself and the Universe.

... works for me, obviously. ;)

Edited to add:
Looking better has been in large part due to paying more attention to my appearance. The funny thing is that on the days I feel uninspired and *almost* wear something like I would have worn a year ago, then I push a little harder and figure out something better (usually by adding an accessory or something to take it up a level) -- those are the days I get the most compliments. It's all very encouraging. :)

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