Again with the writing?!?!

Just to let y'all know, I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this November. You can find my profile by clicking on the 2005 icon to the right. Last November, this was a source of many interesting posts (see the November 2004 archives)... [later] Actually, I'm just back from reading the November posts and they are some of the best posts I've written. Sometimes I forget that I am a good writer.
In any case, wish me luck. I'm told the second year of NaNo is harder than the first because you tend to rest on your laurels and not take it seriously enough. Well, I remember how hard it was and I intend to work that hard again. It's not going to be easy, but I do have willpower, no matter how much I act like I don't during the rest of the year.
So last year I wrote about an intergalactic bounty hunter. This year, the story is about a working class couple who go to work for an interdimensional temp agency (or something along those lines). Yes, I like the prefix inter-. It implies relationship, and stories don't exist without relationships.
The story from last year hasn't been edited yet, unfortunately. I'd like to revamp the ending, make it a little more intelligent. For now I'm going to content myself with starting some character and plot development for the new story. :)

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Aileen said...

Way to go Anne! I can't wait to read the new story. I'll be hear for you through the process, you know that . . . :-)