Today's game we were playing kind of short on substitutes, but we won 6-1. Our substitute goalie, our old goalie, claimed to be super impressed with how much our defense has improved. He better be impressed. I took a major hit and will be sporting a giant bruise AND welts. (This is a step up from the plain ol' giant bruise.) I got in the way of a guy making a run in for a corner kick setup and his cleats (blunt plastic ones, not the sharp metal ones) intersected with my thigh.
I'd post a pic, but it seems a bit gruesome.

In other news, I had a lot of fun at my sister's birthday dinner, catching up with my brother, my cousin, and her husband. We played my sister's new game and left at a reasonable time with wonderful good wishes from our hosts.

Now I have to go to bed because my substitute didn't show up til almost 20 minutes into the game and so I'm suffering from the aftereffects of extreme exertion.


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Anne C. said...

Couple of years? I think not. Try 10 weeks. That'll be the beginning of the next season. If we stay on top of the D league, we'll have our next shot at the big(ger) leagues then. We may flip-flop a couple times until we can win more consistently in the C league.

And my bruise/welts are looking a lot better now. I put a cold compress (a ziplock of cold water and ice) on it periodically throughout the day yesterday and it reduced the swelling considerably. Now it just looks very purple with some red streaks through it.