Living on The Edge

Living in the moment is a little like living on the edge of a knife.
Not in a bad way, I mean.
It gives you a heightened appreciation of your senses. Every moment you have to readjust, not lean too much either way. Check your bearings. Have you slipped into pessimism? Been thinking too long on your hopes? No matter - just remind yourself that you don't actually know what's going to happen and what's happening now is really what you want to focus on.
There are so many things to appreciate about now. It may be a breath of fresh air or the smile of a stranger or friend. It may be as simple as good health or a comfortable home. It may be any number of things: physical, emotional, or mental.
I still hope for things, sending a little message to the universe of what I'd like to happen, but I try not to dwell in a future that may or may not happen.
I smile a lot more often.

(How long will it last? I don't know, but that's the beauty of living in the moment. It doesn't matter.)


Anonymous said...

You have come far, Grasshopper, there is much wisdom in your posts of late. These are lessons we all learn at different stages in life. Enjoy this new knowledge and stay here in the moment. I learned a lot about this experience when I was hospitalized with the flesh-eating bacteria thing. It really didn't make much sense to be thinking weeks down the road if I wasn't going to see tomorrow. Now you see why Dad calls me "the Philosopher." I am proud to be your big sister. Love, Karen

Aileen said...

Annie, that was beautiful. We could all use more of your developing philosophy! :-) I'm smiling at you from my house!

Anne C. said...

Perhaps, but I don't feel very wise sometimes. I feel like I'm presented with examples of "success" in life that I don't have. All my "progress" seems internal. But that's all that really counts I hear you say. True, but wouldn't it be nice if that would translate into external progress as well?
I guess I'm too impatient sometimes.

Slick said...

I agree completely.

Your post reminds me of a country song (actually lots of things remind me of those) anyway, it's a song about a guy whose dad dies and he finally realizes how precious life is. so he starts doing things for fun (i.e. sky diving, rocky mountain climbing, bull riding), doing things that normally he wouldn't take the time to do, or just trying to enjoy his moment.

he said that he hopes everyone in the world gets a chance to live like they were dying. I think that's a good idea personally