Take a Load Off, Annie

The lesson for today, apparently, is "relax."
All morning I was fretting over how to respond to a situation at work. It was not a big deal, but sometimes my brain won't stop examining things from every angle. Best to just let it whirr at times like those. As I left for work everything clicked into place and I thought "oh, forget it, I'm just not going to worry about it." As you might expect, my being relaxed either alleviated the situation itself or allowed me to notice new aspects that made me see it in a new light. No more puzzling situation.
Today in tai chi class, our lesson of the day was to relax when doing a particular basic move. It was one I was sure I wasn't doing quite right and I was correct. I was over stretching, putting strain on my neck and shoulder muscles. The teacher focused on relaxing and keeping the correct form or structure.
So, there you go.
I like finding the patterns in life and this is my meditation for the day. ;)

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