Stress: when your family moves in with you and you haven't had a roommate in five years.
I love my siblings very very much and Friday they moved in. Actually, Max will be living with his best friend, Gabe, in Fort Collins, and Aileen and her husband, Brian, will be staying with me. We all kind of need our own space, and yesterday those spaces hadn't really been established. Today they have been and everything is much much better.
Sure, I hadn't anticipated the stress, but that's mainly because I'm not really interested in dwelling on what can go wrong. The important thing is we decided beforehand to communicate with as much honesty as humanly possible. So, if there's stress, at least it's not based on imagined worries. :)

Pic-of-the-Day is suffering a bit, not from lack of picture taking opportunities (the cats were sleeping together on the bed -- so cute!!), but because the camerasaur is not processing the pictures more and more frequently.
I'm going to order the camera online (better prices, I think) but I'm sorely tempted to just walk into a store for $25 more and get it now!
I'll alert you to more photos when that's up and running again.
Oh, and I'm trying to set up the Blogger picture posting feature, I just haven't gotten it to work yet.
(And Aileen thinks the camerasaur is 7 years old, not 10...)

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