- On Monday I saw two Buddist monks in my grocery store.  I wished I had an itty-bitty camera on me to whip out and snap a photo of them.  They were dressed in burnt orange robes, sandals, and had buzzed haircuts.  And they were smiling.  I think every Buddist monk I've ever seen was smiling.  They were so cute!

- Yesterday I managed to get some good photos of the cats investigating the printer

- My soccer team had a good game on Sunday, but lost again.  I think it was one of my best games ever -- I blocked, I collected and stole balls, I even made good passes, and I took hits.  In the last minute of the game, I blocked a powerful shot from a distance of about 6 feet.  So now I have a giant (about the size of a bread plate) spectacular buise that is blending beautifully from deep purple to chartruese.  Here's the Sunday evening bruise.  Today's Pic-of-the-Day features Tuesday and Wednesday's versions of the bruise.

- Blogger has a new photo blogging feature that I might have to try out.

- I'm trying to decide between two digital cameras to buy (or beg for)...
Canon PowerShot A75: 3.2 mp, very good performance, kinda bulky, $250.
Canon PowerShot SD100 (aka Elph): 3.2 mp, good performace, very slim, $250?
Right now I'm leaning towards the Elph, since it is easier to carry around and get spontaneous photos, sacrificing the better performance for portability and an increased likelihood I will actually use it.  If I find there are times I would prefer better performance, then down the line maybe I'll buy the other.


Anonymous said...

Dearest, I LOVE the pics of da boyz investigating the printer. Your bruise, however, did not look very spectacular. I think there was a poor range of colors in the camera you used.

Anonymous said...

I have a Canon A70, and I'm pretty pleased with it. It's not as compact as it could be, but it produces nice images.

But if you don't need control over some of the finer aspects of photography (aperture, shutter speed), the A70/75/80/85 might be overkill. If less bulk will make you carry it more, I'd recommend the ELPH.

Not that I have any idea what I'm talking about.


Anne C. said...

Awww darn it, now I'm waffling again! I do like to meddle with aperatures and settings and saw the A75 "on sale" for about $230. Decisions decisions. Now I'm thinking it might be good to visit Best Buy or Circuit City and check out these cameras in person.
Fortunately I'm in no hurry...

Oh, and Brenda, it is so a spectacular bruise, but the photo you saw was taken less than an hour after the game. The bruise didn't show up until the next day. What you see in the photo are welts and broken capillaries. See the latest pic-of-the-day for more bruise photos.
(Fear not, my audience, the bruise will be gone in a week and we'll have other things to talk about then.)