Itchy Political Philosophy

- I just finished a good book called "The Philosophical Strangler" by Eric Flint. It's a comedy fantasy novel that reminds me a bit of Monty Python or the Princess Bride. Very funny and a fast read.

- Last Saturday I cut my finger while cutting vinyl tile for the basement. It was a bit traumatic, but I'm fine now [sigh of relief from the audience] and have one of those high tech bandaids on that stay on for a few days and keep out water. Anyway, now it's starting to itch and that's great news (it's starting to heal!).

- I got sent the following link by a friend of mine -- This Land. Absolutely hilarious! A political cartoon that ladles out the humor evenly to both sides, and does it stylishly and well. I highly recommend it to Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike as a reminder to keep thier senses of humor in these tough political times.

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