Difference of Opinion

Yesterday, I wanted to let the cats into the backyard, so I got out thier belled collars, so they would at least be identifiable.  Matti let his be put on with a minimum of fuss, but Martin squirmed and pushed and would not allow me to put on his collar.  I held him tightly for a while, talking to him and hoping he would calm down.  He did not.  Finally, I let him go, but he had given me a couple of deep gouges in the inside of my elbows from his back claws.  I took Matti outside, hoping it would count as a reward.  Martin dodged around for about an hour and a half (while I ignored him completely) and then he decided he forgave me.
Next time, I'll have a big towel handy to mummify him.  They *have* to get used to the collar being taken on and off.

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