Palmistry -- "I see you are bull-headed..."

Why yes, yes I am.
I bashed up my right palm removing the leftover tack strips in the basement. I used a small crowbar and my hand as a striking device. Why didn't I use a hammer, you ask? Well, I felt more flexible and able to fine tune my efforts AND it would have been too noisy with a hammer. I was listening to a book on tape, you see.

Aileen was right about the cats. Yesterday I saw them chewing on the edge of the sofa. Of course, I was disappointed. Up until that moment, I was firmly a resident of La La Land. Aileen reminded me that Butterball had her flaws too and we loved her. That helped a lot, bringing me down to earth. I have now got an inkling to the extent of how I romanticize things. So, I hold fast to the notion that they are, indeed, real cats and therefore flawed.
(Muahahaha! I love saying cat and flawed in the same sentence. They would be extremely offended, but fortunately they can't read this... I think.)


Aileen said...

Wow, I love the evil laugh! Anyway, I'd like to see you say that outloud and see what kind of look you'd get from your feline companions! Butterball used to give the . . ."you wait till three o'clock in the morning! . . ." look.

Anne C. said...

I think I could say it aloud and the boys would only give me a blank stare. They're young and are still learning English. Butterball was much smarter and more experienced than they are.
Besides, I've been told that male cats are not as smart as female cats.