Moneyhooning... er, I mean, Honeymooning

I still love the cats as much as ever. They continue to be all around cute. I got purring in stereo yesterday. Martin is starting to "talk" to me. They chase each other around the house like maniacs. They were a little perturbed when I closed the windows yesterday (it was rainy and chilly) because they like to sit on the window sills and watch doings outside. Such nice boys.

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Aileen said...

Somehow I think you will never stop loving these boys, Annie. So I think you can delete the word "still" in the sentence "I still love the cats". Though it may eventually change from young puppy love . . . er . . . I mean "kitty" love to a deeper in-spite-of-your-faults kind of love. Like, "In spite of the fact that you wake me up at 2:00 am, I still love you" :-) I'm so happy for you!