The Best Cats in the Whole World!

I'm sure every petowner (just like every new parent) thinks thier pet (or baby) is the best pet in the whole world. Far be it from me to break with tradition.
The honeymoon continues at Casa Ana. I just went home during the lunch hour to check on Da Boyz and make sure the house was still standing. They were, of course, sleeping. Nothing had been destroyed or broken or even put out of place. I ate lunch, then petted them for a while before I had to tear myself away to go back to work.
They still don't quite get sitting on laps. The most I've been able to convince Matti to do is put his forepaws on my leg while he was being scratched behind the ears. Martin won't even go that far, though he will lie down right next to you.
I could go on about how perfect they are, but I won't. I wouldn't want to make you diabetic... :)

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