Idea Blossoms, Writer Rejoices!

I'm feelin' good today because one of my story ideas just blossomed. It had been just a bud for a while, but today it sprang forth to the next level. I was obsessing about something irritating that a friend said to me this weekend and I thought "I wish I could put that and my thoughts on that in a story!" Apparently my brain thought that was a good idea, because it riffled through the story ideas I have stored in the back of my head and with a flashing light and a triumphant "bing!" it produced the aforementioned story idea, now blossomed into something fuller and more lifelike. It's a contemporary story told through a series of emails about a young woman who is a "late bloomer." I think it may be a tragedy, actually. I don't know why the story came to me, I'm not particularly interested in contemporary novels or tragedies, but it's there and I think it would be a good venue to exorcise (or exercise) my personal frustrations.
Now to find the time to write it... (and for the mothers in the audience, yes, I dictated it to my new mini recorder, so I don't lose the idea.) :)

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