On Priorities, Part III: The Solutions

In Part I, I brought my much ignored readers up to speed on where the issues began.
In Part II, I outlined my priorities.

In order to work towards a life that is guided by these priorities, I've have instituted the following goals:
  • Go to bed on time (9:30ish).
  • Get up early (5::30ish).
  • Exercise for an hour or so.
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Spend less time on the computer when at home.
  • Compose blog posts on paper first.  (The three On Priority posts were done this way. I don't always follow the rough draft, but it gives me structure and a definable task.)
  • Accept invitations to friends' activities.
  • Plan my own activities/parties/camping trips/etc.
  • Don't turn on the TV while cooking.  Cook, then watch a specific program while eating.
  • Read more books, either through audiobooks (while exercising/cooking/cleaning) or a real book.
  • Read something brief and upbeat (currently my compendium of Calvin and Hobbes strips) before bed every night.
  • Try to clean incrementally, don't wait 'til it gets out of hand.
  • Keep a list of upcoming tasks and do them one at a time.  Slow and steady, like a mountain-climber.

I've developed these slowly over the past month.  Part of this realignment has been because work let up a bit to allow me some time to think, but mostly I've been making small steps towards each of these for quite a while.
I'm hoping this plan to write off-line will work to reincorporate blogging into my schedule.  So far, it has seemed to work well.  Hopefully it will be enough of a priority that you'll see posts here more often!

Thanks, as always, for your readership.  :)


KG Reilly said...

Way to go Anne! Reading this has prompted me to think about my priorities as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anne C. said...

My pleasure, Krissy. :)

belsum said...

I don't write posts on paper first but I do write them elsewhere than just the blog editor. Usually I'll open up a blank email and type and edit so I just have to paste in the completed composition.

My grandmother's take on housework has alwasy stuck with me and I've tried to follow it, especially since having kids: do one thing every day so it doesn't pile up.