New Look

I've been wanting to update the look of the blog for quite some time, but haven't liked any of the new Blogger templates that much.

Until today. (Well, ok, it's been debuted this week, but it sounded more dramatic...)

I'm not completely sold on one particular template, but I'm liking a lot of the options here. And it's cool to play with! :D


Jennifer said...

Ohhh... dramatic! I normally read most of my blogs via Google Reader, but today I clicked over. First impression? Sort-of dark & gothic, reminded me of vampires and old-time movie theater curtains. I think, for you, I like a lighter (brighter) template, because a) it mimics your personality and b) the first thing you say in your "Greetings" is that you live in "beautiful, sunny Denver." This red template seems at odds with that; although it could be that I'm taking this comment WAY too seriously! (However, I do like that the font isn't white-white against the darker background; it's a bright taupe.) *HUG*

Janiece said...

I kind of agree with Jennifer on the whole "dark, gothicy and vampirish," but in a good way.

It makes me wonder what you're up to, there in your yellow house, when no one else is around, with your new shower in the basement, perfect for draining your victims...



Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

I like the boarder. Gives it that creepy, but elegant Victorian lived in look. (grin)

Dr. Phil

Anne C. said...

Hrmm... I was not going for the vampire look, so I'll have to take a look at something more appropriate for me.

It was fun for a day though! ;)

Thank you for the feedback!

Mummy Grabill said...

Janiece - you've got quite the imagination there! :-)

I had a different impression - it feels rich and luxurious to me. I love the dark red with the gold. I don't find it creepy at all - actually reminds me of the motif of your bedroom.

WendyB_09 said...

Dang. Work got in the way of me checking blogs yesterday at lunch and I missed it.

But I really like the one you have up today!