Cool Things: Stone Papers

My new composition book, in which I write my blog posts, was an impulse buy at Target.  When I picked it up, it felt different -- heavier, softer, more flexible.  I looked at the label and it read:
Stone Papers
Made from stone
tree-free, acid-free, natural paper products made from all natural stone

Cool!  I looked for them online, but their website was under construction when I visited it.  I did find another, similar (I think) product that outlines the process (I'm assuming it's a similar process.  It may not be.) pretty well.

I admit, I'm using my favorite pen, but the ink is received by the paper very smoothly, and I love how it feels!
I'm not sure if every Target has this product (online they do not) but it's worth checking out.


Jennifer said...

I know exactly what you mean; those are NICE papers, aren't they? I picked up a sample pack of stone papers from the HOW design conference last year -- Yummy!

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

A quick Googling found this discussion about so-called stone papers. FWIW.

Dr. Phil

Anne C. said...

Interesting. 99% of that discussion was about the "green-ness" of it (which I'm afraid I'm so jaded I completely discounted as probable BS). The big draw for me was the sensory difference, and one of the commenters had the exact opposite reaction. S/he was repelled by the weight of it.

Just goes to show how subjective sensory information is.

Anne C. said...

err... discounted any marketed green-ness of it as BS, to clarify.