Holiday Crush

I hate the "sorry I haven't been posting" posts, but this one will serve also as a run down on how my life is going recently:

- Historic Preservation project at work that has three days of exterior work planned for next week (was planned for last week, and fortunately able to be rescheduled, or we'd have been popsicles)
- Design project at work with an extremely short schedule, understaffed, and the client refuses to take any responsibility for decisions
- Cookie Exchange Party next weekend (I have no time for anything new and fun, so it'll be baklava, I think)
- Insulation needs to be put into the above ceiling (above grade) portions of the BitB (Bathroom in the Basement) project. I was thinking I'd do it this morning, but I "wasted it" sleeping in and relaxing.
- Drywall insulation on the BitB, scheduled for Wednesday evening.
- Making a Christmas gift for my nephew
- Buy a Christmas gift for ... someone in my family.
- Go through the finances to make sure that my household finances on track and the BitB project won't go over budget. (Need to pay some people next week.)

Addendum: Just foiled an escape attempt by Matti by grabbing him by the tail as he jumped off the railing. (Didn't plan it, just reacted.) I held him in my arms as soon as I hauled him close enough and even moments afterward he didn't seem too worse for the wear. A bit shocked at myself, but it turned out OK. Whew! I'm super glad I didn't hurt him.


vince said...

And here I thought by the title you had a new person in your life. :-)

...and the client refuses to take any responsibility for decisions.

I finished up a project as a subcontractor with a project like that. Fortunately, I got paid for my work. Unfortunately, the site still isn't live due to stupid client decisions. Glad I'm not the contractor.

...but I "wasted it" sleeping in and relaxing.

For the most part, that is never a waste. Especially when you're busy, as you obviously are.

Anne C. said...

And here I thought by the title you had a new person in your life. :-)

The same thing occurred to me when I was rereading/editing/etc. I wish I did, but I don't.

THAT would be a good excuse for not blogging as much! ;)

WendyB_09 said...

Cat & dog tails are amazingly versatile appendages. On more than one occasion I've used my dogs’ tails as either rudders or brakes. Usually they were just startled, and none the worse from wear.

Tom said...

"I figure over the years I spent about 70% of my money on booze, drugs, and women. Unfortunately, I wasted the rest."

"One woman's waste is another woman's waist."

"A waist is a terrible thing to mind."

Darn, I wasted all those quotes on a comment to Anne. Nope, not a waste at all. :)

Anne C. said...

Aww... Thanks, Tom!