1001 Tales AND Gifts From the East

Just noticed that the last post was my 1000th post, which makes this one = 1001. Here's to another thousand posts, just as random and personal as the last thousand posts. :)

Today, I found a package on my front porch -- a package that had been threatened by one John the Scientist, infamous sender of such heinous delicacies as Durian Cookies and Swallows Nest Soup. He also forced a member of the UCF to eat stinky tofu at gunpoint. (Ok, maybe it was his finger pretending to be a gun, or maybe it was just strong peer pressure. Nathan can be a big pushover sometimes...)
Anyway, it wasn't without some trepidation that I opened the box. Who knew what vile edible items lay in wait within?

Turns out, some pretty cool edible items did.

Remember my post about taste testing ramen?

John sent me a variety pack of different brands of ramen, mostly in the beef or seafood/shrimp flavors.

Neat! I'm looking forward to trying them. MWT's favorite, Sapporo Ichiban is there, as are a number of other essentially (because I can't read Korean or Japanese, though I can identify them) nameless brands. There are two made in the US and marketed for Asians (Sapporo Ichiban is one). One is from Hong Kong, one from Korea, and one from Vietnam.
Squee! This is going to be fun. :D

Thank you, John!

Edited to Add:
Michelle has posted on her latest mystery package from John. As MWT says elsewhere: "Yay tentacles. :) Nomnomnom..."

MWT has also posted on some tasty sounding Asian treats from John. Which confirms things for me, I'm making rice krispy treats for Christmas!


Random Michelle K said...


I got sent tentacles.

This hardly seems fair.

John the Scientist said...

Michelle, just you wait until you see what I send Jim. :D

MWT said...

Sapporo Ichiban is my favorite amongst the rockbottom quality instant ramen brands. But that Tung-I Beef... *droooooool* If it's what I think it is, the oil packet is what really makes the soup.

Also, the Koreans make the spiciest ones, and also the best seafood (which surprised me that it wasn't the Japanese). There used to be an outstanding Japanese brand though that had rice vinegar and sesame flavoring, and the most awesome flat noodles ever. They cost $4 a package in the early 90s, and I can't remember the brand name anymore. Presumably their packaging has changed since then too. :(

I liked my loot from John, but apparently I like everyone else's too. ;) (Possibly not Jim's though.)

racceful = like racefail, except with well-fed raccoons

Anne C. said...

Fortunately, I like my presents best. Michelle's would have been interesting and I certainly would have NOT minded getting yours, but mine suits me well. Your descriptions, MWT, make me even more excited to try them.

Thank you again, John! :D