Mmm... Baking Tools

My lovely friend, Tania, recently downsized her household and wanted to get rid of some pans. I, always on the lookout for cool free stuff, volunteered to receive them. Yesterday they arrived -- two springform pans with molded inserts, one tube cake pan, and one giant heartshaped cookie cutter (?). She also sent along some fun gifts, coffee beans, birch syrup, cat treats, and catnip (yippee!) for the cats.
Thank you so much, Tania!



Tania said...

Yay! Glad it arrived, and THANK YOU for the package you sent, I keep remembering about it in the car, and never when I'm in front of a computer. Bad Tania!

The heart thingy is supposed to be an insert for the one springform pan, I've never used it. I usually make a heart shaped cake by marrying up a square and a round (with the round cut in half, butted up to the square).

Thanks for your patience with me finally getting them to you. Did you like the festive North Pole postmark, with Santa on it?

Anne C. said...

I didn't notice that, so I went back to look. There was no postmark, apparently they only do that for stamped items. :(
But! It DOES have "North Pole" on the printed out postage, which means I can honestly say I've received gifts from the North Pole! :D

Thanks you again, my dear, and don't worry about not writing. I've done the same thing so many times, I know exactly how you feel. :D

Karen said...

I'm glad Tania wrote to correct what the heart is. I have the exact same set and have never used the heart piece. Now I'm going to have to either use it for a cookie cutter or make a cake. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...
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