First Present

This morning, on my way to work, I thought I saw a beached cloud. At least, that's what it looked like. It wasn't up in the brilliantly sunny sky like it was supposed to. No, this one was lying on the ground near the highway. Very peculiar.

Work was very productive (as it usually is when I'm at work when no one else is around). I felt good enough about what I was doing that I regretted having to leave it unfinished. AND I was learning a cool program (Google Sketchup). It's very intuitive and it's free!

I spent the evening with my family, eating yummy Crockpot lasagna and talking about nonsense, as usual. My nephew kept us entertained and my latest marshmallow experiment - vanilla marshmallows made with honey, sesame and poppy seeds - turned out well.

This evening, I returned from my brother's house and decided to check that I didn't have any presents tucked into the inside corner of the front porch. Good thing I did, because sitting there unobtrusively was a gift package from the lovely and talented Jen A.

Inside was a thoughtful card, cookies, a cool reusable bag, a lovely bracelet (perfect color for me!), and a sweet little keychain with a pair of people hugging. I love it!

The bag was a really clever design and quite attractive when open.

Thank you so much, Jen! You are wonderful!

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to everyone!


Anonymous said...

First -- Crockpot Lasagne?! What is this delicious-sounding concoction?! :)

As for the rest -- MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'm glad you liked your presents! The reusable, foldable pocket tote I picked up in Austin, TX... same thing with the bracelet (I have similar ones in different colors). :) I keep my tote in the car, so I can grab it whenever I run out to do some light shopping! I hope you find it as pretty and useful as I do! *HUG*

kimby said...

We love Sketchup!! It is the number one time waster here at Wilsonworld (ok, Keith and the kids love it...i love to see what they can design. I am not good at the actual making of things.)

ANd I too would like to know more about this crockpot lasagna.

Unknown said...

The beached cloud is because of the holes in the planet's electromagnetic field. It lost its way!