Can't Catch a Brake

(Attention: bad pun only tangentially related to actual problem.)

Monday, on my way to work, I had the wonderful experience of seeing smoke/steam streaming from under my hood and the temperature gauge spiking at the top end of the gauge. I got off the interstate, popped the hood to allow it to cool. I found lots of steam and green goo (coolant) decorating the inside of my engine compartment.

After a couple phone calls, I ended up buying a gallon of water to put in the radiator (after it had cooled, of course) and taking the long (lower speed) way to the mechanics.

I'll confirm the details when I pick up the car Tuesday morning, but it seems* that the radiator was cracked and needed replacement.

Why is it that my car waits until my savings account is severely depleted before having serious problems?

* Stay tuned for more accurate techno-babble...


Janiece said...

Because that's just the way the Universe works. The corollary to that truth is that as soon as you get some "found money" that you might be able to splurge with, your appliances (or car) finds out and immediately goes belly up.

Hope the repairs aren't too pricey!

Anne C. said...

Turns out I needed a new radiator, which my clever mechanic (my new favorite person) managed to do for just over $500. That means I've spent over $2000 on fixing the car, which, coincidentally, was the cushion from bottoming out during the BitB project.