Quick Hello from a Delhi Home

I'm safe and sound in India, staying briefly in the home of the family of one of my freind, Cheryl's, schoolmates. They are, as usual, a lovely and inviting Indian family who are taking good care of us. We are leaving today for Agra, where we will spend a couple days to see the Taj Mahal and a fort or two.
I have successfully managed the jet lag, first by sleeping for a long time (on the plane and then most of the night here) and then by forcing myself to stay active and moving all day yesterday. Not too bad, actually.
Yesterday, we went on a bus tour to see some sites (an anchient observatory, a Hindu temple, a Banai Temple, and Qatb Minar (a beautiful monument tower and the ruins of the first mosque in India). Then, we went shopping and I am now attired in a corta and sawar -- very comfortable in the heat (and it hasn't been as hot as it could have been). The sales style of some of the shop keepers here can be extremely high pressure, which is interesting, if a little frustrating over the long term ("How many times do I have to tell you, lady, that I look horrible in mustard/orange/olive/beige?")
Last night some of the young people with whom we are staying took us to have ice cream at the India Gate, which seems to be a local thing to do. So, we've been doing a good mix of tourist and local things.

I am keeping a journal so I'll be able to remember this all, so I can expand on some of these experiences when I come back.

Hope you all are well!


Tania said...

Glad you're having a grand time. I'm so excited and happy for you. Update if you can, but don't worry about us, we're just anxious for the stories when you come back. :)

Unknown said...

Oh! No mustard/orange/olive/beige clothing? Well!

Anonymous said...

Yay! have fun and be safe!

Random Michelle K said...

Any nice blues and purples?

belsum said...

Oh man, I'm suddenly flooded with memories! I loved the Juntar Muntar. It looked like a skate park! I'm so glad you're able to spend some time in Delhi. It's such a cool city. The Qatb Minar is just gorgeous! I loved looking for the elements of the old Hindu temple incorporated into the Moslim monument. Really neat seeing the little reliefs just randomly popping out of walls.

Anne C. said...

I am having a wonderful time, thanks. I've got two white cortas, one lavender, one dark red, and one turquois (which I wear with bright pink sawar). :)