Mountain Retreat

First: For those worried about the news from Jaipur, I am not there, nor are we planning to go there. Interestingly enough, if I had not said "I don't really like cities, could we keep that down to a minimum" we might have been there at the time, and Cheryl says that it did happen in a tourist area where we might have been. Somewhere in a parallel universe, things might have turned out differently.

We arrived in Leh yesterday. It is a wonderful place, especially for someone from Colorado. It's a mountain "city" at 11600 feet above sea level, and has nicer people and less pollution than the cities we've been in. Things have been going well with our travel arrangements and I look forward to telling you guys the stories when I get back.

Hugs to you all!


vince said...

Glad you're still having fun and that you're safe.

We're keeping the noise at the party here down to a dull roar.

belsum said...

Now that you're treading upon territory where I have not been, my jealousy is ramping up exponentially!!

Random Michelle K said...


And Vince is responsible for the stain in the living room--I don't know why anyone would want to juggle flaming rotten eggs.

Nathan said...

Hey Anne,

Michelle told me I had to come over here and mess around with your stuff while you're out.

Sorry, it wasn't my idea. Nice spatulas by the way.

Anne C. said...

Just don't break the priceless Ming vases. ;)