Leaving for Manali

We are leaving for Manali early tomorrow morning (it's 6 pm here now). We'll either do it in one or two days (we're waiting to see what the conditions are like), but either way we should be in Manali by the afternoon/evening of the 22nd. (That'll be the morning of the 22nd for you guys, I think.) If you don't hear from us by the 23rd, then start to worry. I sent an email to "Grabill Family" (aka my sister) with some contact info for the family of the two friends with whom I'm traveling.
It should be a fantastic drive. Wikipedia has some info (a wee bit alarming) as does India Travelogue (though the description is reversed from the direction we'll be going, Leh to Manali). Actually, a Google search turns up quite a few interesting sites, including one about riding a motorcycle on this route.
We're travelling with a pair of Canadians (good looking brothers!) and a Brit. It should be fun, since we're not doing the packed-to-the-gills shared taxi experience.

See you all in Manali!


Unknown said...

Bon voyage. Takes lots of pictures!

Nathan said...

Hey, I was gonna say Bon Voyage. Not fair.

belsum said...

Be safe!

(I'm envisioning you traveling along on a rooftop-of-the-world highway like in "Spies Like Us"!!)

Stacey said...

Bon Voyage. Be Safe.

Nathan said...


You're getting a little low on beer and chips. Can you please do something about that?