Transformers Review

I saw Transformers today and it was surprisingly good. No, there wasn't a very good plot and aside from a few main characters, the character development wasn't all that great either. BUT the quips and the humor were wonderful. John Turturro and Bernie Mac were especially good, though the main kid also gave a solid performance. I laughed more than I probably would if I saw that dreadful Chuck and Larry movie (which I will NOT). The inside jokes were fun to look for and I loved when they inserted humor into an action scene. There was even some great physical comedy. I also enjoyed when they inserted inside jokes for those familiar with the half hour cartoon. The action was, as one might expect with a Michael Bay film, a little over top for me. Too many explosions going on at once, so it was hard to tell what was going on. Special effects were done well.
I'd actually recommend it, and that's saying something.

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