A Chip Off the Ol' Brick

The bricks (I should really say "pavers," since they are not standard bricks) came yesterday! YAY!
My dad stayed a couple of days longer than he'd planned to help me get a good start on the patio. As you can see above, he did a good job. We got the standards established and all the geometry worked out. We put down half of the bricks already and it's looking fabulous! In the picture, some of the bricks look darker because they were wet, either from the hose or from cutting them with the wet saw. When they are all dry they'll be more uniform.

After we slaved in the backyard until dark, I whipped up a lovely dinner:
Mozzarella and Herb Tortelloni topped with Mushroom (White and Shitake), Broccoli Cooked in White Wine, garnished with grated Parmesan. Mmmm, Yummy!

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Mummy Grabill said...

Wow!!! The patio looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it in person!

Also, the meal looks scrumptious, you pay your workers well! :-)