100% Done

On Friday, I put in the last whole bricks (2 hrs). On Saturday, I did all the cut bricks (4.5 hrs). On Sunday, I grouted between the bricks on the radius because the sand wasn't holding them tight enough and they had a tendency to move (1.5 hrs).
Now, all that needs to happen is for me to have a BBQ so a bunch of people can walk on the patio and help the sand to settle. Unfortunately, because I waited until the last phase to allow help, only my dad got to help. Oh well, I'll remember that next time. I'll just have to get people to "help" me eat some tasty BBQ food.
The remainder of Saturday, I watched an episode of Mystery! and gave myself a pedicure/manicure. On Sunday morning, I went to my sister's to lay by the community pool and take a dip in the warm tub (it was not "hot," but that was a good thing). Then we went up to look at her new house that's under construction and have lunch. The sandwich shop we had our mouths set for was !closed! but we managed to make due with a tasty Asian food place called Spring Thai. While there, Aileen decided that because her husband was out of town, she would get the fixings for Thai spring rolls for dinner that week. We stopped at a really nice Asian market on our way home to pickup the ingredients. Shortly after I got home, there was a lovely thunderstorm, so I sat by the open sliding door and read a good book. After that I managed to put the finishing touches on the patio (see results, above). And in the evening, I watched a really good movie called The Matador. It has a few graphic images and certainly graphic language, but the story is fantastic (if a little odd). It's only in the second half that everything starts coming together, but the first half is packed with great images and characterizations. I think I shall have to buy a copy.


Mummy Grabill said...

Truly lovely Anne! It really is a great looking patio! Can't wait to partake of any nice barbecue you might have there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great job Anne! You are one hard working lady!!! I'm sure you will get a lot of pleasure out of your patio...congratulations on planning and executing it yourself.

belsum said...

That looks fan-frickin-tastic! Nice job. I'm skipping the sand step for the stones I'm laying beneath the grill. It's not wide enough for walking so I think it'll be fine.