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I ran the BolderBoulder 10K race on Memorial Day and did pretty darn well (if I do say so myself). It was my first 10K (previous races were 5K and previous runs were 4.5 miles), so I had no idea how I'd do. Turned out it was pretty easy to stay on pace and finish strong. Below are my times:

First Mile - 10:37 (minutes:seconds)
Second Mile - 11:22
Third Mile - 11:42 (this is the mile where I made a pit stop)
Fourth Mile - 11:14
Fifth Mile - 10:39
Sixth Mile - 10:32
Total time (10K = 6.21371 mi) - 1:07:54

Not bad, eh? That's about my goal, 10 minute miles with 30 seconds of walking each mile.

It was a lot of fun, too. The Squeeze and I camped out the night before near the start so we wouldn't have to deal with waking up early and the traffic. It was very spontaneous and adventurous. :)


Anonymous said...

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Good job girl. Reb

belsum said...

Color me impressed! Nice work you!