Reading as Entertainment: A Revelation

On occasion, I accompany The Squeeze up to his cabin in the mountains. It's a little under 2 hours to drive, one way. Knowing that neither of us are talented enough to find conversational material for that length of time, I took a book (John Scalzi's Old Man's War) I really liked and thought he would like and offered to read aloud. I read the first few chapters that day, some on the way up and some on the way back. He liked it enough that he asked to borrow the book. He then read it during our vacation to Honduras. Then, he looked up John Scalzi on Amazon and bought the rest of his works. AND he bought a couple other books that Amazon recommended that were similar to Scalzi's work. I have to admit to being a bit surprised by the swiftness of his conversion from someone who (he joked) had read only 6 books in his lifetime, to this. I mentioned my surprise to him and he pointed out that he has yet to read them, so it's only potential at this point, but the effort made to obtain the books has been made, so I count it to the good. A new reader! Happy day!

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