Progress at the Site

It's getting pretty impossible to take a panorama from the same spot I was, because of all of the heavy equipment in the way. So, I'm going to resort to taking interesting shots during my field trips to entertain you folks and let you see how the building is progressing.

This picture is of the giant metal sheathing for the caissons (typically 6' dia. by 80' long, though the one shown is not) being raised into position. It follows the caisson drill down to hold the earth back. Then, the steel reinforcing cage is lowered into the caisson hole. (The steel bars get up to nearly 1 1/2" in diameter!) An inspector goes into the hole to make sure the reinforcing and all is properly made and properly placed. Then, they pump concrete into the hole while withdrawing the steel sheath. It's quite a production.


Kevin said...

Can you imagine the case of the willies the guy going down an 80'x6' hole filled with a re-bar gets?

Anne C. said...

Yeah [shudder] I thought the same thing. He goes down on a harness and a line that someone is manning from above. I don't know if would be a job I'd be able - or want - to do!